Szyfrowanie przeciwko globalnej inwigilacji.
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Contributing Guidelines

Please read this before contributing.


  • Be nice and respectful.
  • English only.
  • Be constructive.

Quality over Quantity

We’re trying to keep it simple and promote the best tools, not all of them.

Software Criteria


  • Easy to use. Could your mother use that tool or service? Usability is most important.
  • Cross-platform / Accessible.
  • Privacy respecting.
  • Open Source / free software is preferred but not required.
  • Must list source code in (if applicable)
  • Prioritize Products without Vendor Lock-in (decentralized/self-hostable) or data interoperability.

There can be exceptions if no software is available that meet the criteria.

Note: This criteria applies to all of


  • Prioritize Products by privacy respecting nationality.


  • Prioritize Products by privacy respecting nationality.
  • Cannot be based in USA or UK.
  • Must be acessable via free software (i.e OpenVPN, WireGuard)
  • Use Encryption
  • Accept Cryptocurrency
  • No logging policy


  • Outside of USA
  • Support SMTP SSL
  • Accessable Using Free Software (i.e IMAP)


  • Must be H-Node Class A or Equivlant (if applicable)
  • Must prioritize hardware certifications like RYF, OSHWA, and OSI when avalible.
  • Cannot lock users to a particular platform.


  • Must be able to download over encrypted network (can be a mirror)
  • Must be free software


  • Only verifiable encryption is to be trusted


  • Must state if recommends, depends on, or offers non-free software (contrib)
  • No Tracking Policy (opt-in analytics is ok)


  • Provider logos are 200px x 70px (example)
  • Tool logos are 120px x 120px (example)