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Added tests for multiaccount
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.github Probot: Change to 1 PR reviewer required (#8699) 2 주 전
android Move version definitions to 5 일 전
ci disable coverage 1 주 전
components/src/status_im Fiddle 1 일 전
deployment Create Nix package for building status-go 4 달 전
desktop Remove leftovers from before macOS pure build 3 달 전
desktop_files Fix devDependencies in package.json 5 일 전
dev/status_im [perf] Move translation to node_modules in release build 2 달 전
doc Add TtT chat flow 2 달 전
env Onboarding sign-in 1 개월 전
fastlane fix: fastlane/Gemfile & fastlane/Gemfile.lock to reduce vulnerabilities 2 주 전
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ios fix #8580 typo in ios permission dialog 3 주 전
mobile_files Update react-native-fs to RN >= 0.57 compatible version 5 일 전
modules Move version definitions to 5 일 전
nix nix: Pass target-os to Nix script 4 시간 전
packager RAM bundle basic setup 2 달 전
patches Switch desktop app to react-native-desktop 0.57.8 (#7264) 7 달 전
prod/status_im [perf] Move translation to node_modules in release build 2 달 전
react-native/src Two pane ui on large screens 1 개월 전
resources recovery flow v1 5 일 전
scripts nix: Some minor fixes 5 일 전
src/status_im Fiddle 1 일 전
status-modules [perf] Move translation to node_modules in release build 2 달 전
test Added tests for multiaccount 3 시간 전
translations [8069] feature - [Profile] My profile edit and share screens 1 일 전
.TOOLVERSIONS Only bring in Android dependencies in gomobile if targetting Android 1 개월 전
.babelrc Move files that don't change per platform to the root 2 달 전
.buckconfig upgrade react-native and packages - but broken 3 년 전
.dockerignore Create Nix package for building status-go 4 달 전
.env recovery flow v1 5 일 전
.env.e2e [#8673] Temporay hide commands from chat and extensions 2 주 전
.env.jenkins recovery flow v1 5 일 전
.env.nightly Update .env.nightly 5 일 전
.env.release [#8673] Temporay hide commands from chat and extensions 2 주 전
.envrc Migrate from installing tooling the traditional way to Nix 5 달 전
.flowconfig Migrate to RN 0.59.2 4 달 전
.gitattributes Desktop branch merged into develop (#5266) 1 년 전
.gitignore Fiddle 1 일 전
.mailmap fix my name 5 달 전
.nycrc add coverage test 1 개월 전
.watchmanconfig Ensure shell.nix uses same nixpkgs as the rest of the environment 2 달 전 allow numbers in chat topics 11 달 전 Create 2 년 전
Makefile don't allow overrides of TARGET_OS for startdev targets 4 일 전 add coverage test 1 개월 전
VERSION Move files that don't change per platform to the root 2 달 전
app.json update react-native and project dependencies 1 년 전
build.clj [perf] Move translation to node_modules in release build 2 달 전
clj-rn.conf.edn Two pane ui on large screens 1 개월 전
default.nix build status-go for Nix cache 4 주 전
deps.edn [8069] feature - [Profile] My profile edit and share screens 1 일 전
externs.js recovery flow v1 5 일 전
figwheel-bridge.js Use multiple app instances simultaneously 8 달 전
findSymlinkedModules.js.patch RN weird Jenkins stuff fix 1 년 전
prepare-modules.js [perf] prod version of slurp 2 달 전
project.clj [8069] feature - [Profile] My profile edit and share screens 1 일 전
rn-cli.config.js [fix #4819] update react-native to 0.56 11 달 전
shell.nix use nix shell for nix-update-* targets 2 주 전
status-go-version.json Add datasync confirmations, enable device-to-device by default 1 주 전
supervisord.conf Add docker-compose for development build 1 년 전
ubuntu-server.js Made changes to ubuntu-server to reject connections not from localhost 3 달 전

Status - a Mobile Ethereum Operating System

Join us in creating a browser, messenger, and gateway to a decentralized world. Status is a free (libre) open source mobile client targeting Android & iOS built entirely on Ethereum technologies. That’s right, no middle men and go-ethereum running directly on your device.

Getting started with Status


We believe in a medium of pure free trade, economies with fair, permission-less access and a world without intermediaries. We want to create policies that can exist between friends or scale globally, we want to communicate securely and be uninhibited by legacy systems.

We want to take responsibility for our data, the way we conduct ourselves privately and promote this way of life to a mass audience.

We want deep insights into our own economies so we can make informed, data-driven decisions on how to make our lives better. The Ethereum blockchain, Smart Contracts, Swarm and Whisper provides us a path forward.

If this interests you, help us make Status a reality - anyone can contribute and we need everyone at any skill level to participate.

How to Contribute?

Go straight to the docs or join our chat and choose what interests you:

  • Developer Developers are the heart of software and to keep Status beating we need all the help we can get! If you’re looking to code in ClojureScript or Golang then Status is the project for you! We use React Native and there is even some Java/Objective-C too!
    Want to learn more about it? Start by reading our Developer Introduction which guides you through the technology stack and start browsing beginner issues. Then you can read how to Build Status, which talks about managing project dependencies, coding guidelines and testing procedures.

  • Community Management
    Metcalfe’s law states that the value of a network is proportional to the square of the number of connected users of the system - without community Status is meaningless. We’re looking to create a positive, fun environment to explore new ideas, experiment and grow the Status community. Building a community takes a lot of work but the people you’ll meet and long lasting relationships you form will be well worth it, check out our Community Principles

  • Specification / Documentation
    John Dewey once said “Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself “. Developers & Designers need guidance and it all starts from documentation and specifications. Our software is only as good as its documentation, head over to our docs and see how you can improve what we have.

  • Blog Writing
    Content is King, keeping our blog up to date and informing the community of news helps keep everyone on the same page. Jump into our chat and discuss with the team how you can contribute!

  • Testers
    It’s bug hunting season! Status is currently in Alpha and there is sure to be a bunch of learning, build status from scratch or if an android user check out our nightly builds. You can shake your phone to submit bug reports, or start browsing our Github Issues. Every bug you find brings Status closer to stable, usable software for everyone to enjoy!

  • Security
    Status is a visual interface to make permanent changes on the Blockchain, it handles crypto-tokens that have real value and allows 3rd party code execution. Security is paramount to its success. You are given permission to break Status as hard as you can, as long as you share your findings with the community!

  • Evangelism
    Help us spread the word! Tell a friend right now, in fact tell everyone - yell from a mountain if you have to, every person counts! If you’ve got a great story to tell or have some interesting way you’ve spread the word about Status let us know about it in our chat

Status API

View our API Docs and learn how to integrate your DApp into Status. You can read more about how to add your DApp to Status here.

Give me Binaries!

You can get our Beta builds for both Android and iOS on our website, through our nightly builds or by building it yourself.

Core Contributors

Core Team Members

Special thanks to @adrian-tiberius. Without the dedication of these outstanding individuals, Status would not exist.

Contact us

Feel free to email us at or better yet, join our chat.


Licensed under the Mozilla Public License v2.0

Testing Supported by

BrowserStack Status

Coverage Status