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docker-compose -f docker-build/docker-compose.yml build

This will install all the required sdks, depending on the connection will take some time.


docker-compose -f docker-build/docker-compose.yml up

This will start adbd and fighwheel listening on port 4567.

You need to connect your device and accept the key.

After the figwheel prompt you can install the application running:

docker-compose -f docker-build/docker-compose.yml exec adbd make run-android


Adbd key

The adbd key is generated every time you start/stop the container, so you will have to accept it if that happens.


This will give the docker image access to your USB devices and run in priviliged mode, so run at your own risk.

Multiple adbd

You will need to make sure no adbd is running on your local machine, as that would interfer with the one running in docker.