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This folder contains configuration for Nix, a purely functional package manager used by the Status app for its build process.


The main config file is nix/nix.conf and its main purpose is defining the binary caches which allow download of packages to avoid having to compile them yourself locally.

NOTE: If you are in Asia you might want to add the to be first in order of substituters. Removing could also help.


In order to access an interactive Nix shell a user should run make shell.

The Nix shell is started in this repo via the nix/scripts/ script, which is a wrapper around the nix-shell command and is intended for use with our main Makefile. This allows for an implicit use of nix-shell as the default shell in the Makefile.

Normally the shell starts without any specific target platform, if you want to change that you should export the TARGET env variable with appropriate value:

make shell TARGET=android

This way your shell and all other nix commands should run in a setup that is tailored towards Android development.

For valid values you can check the nix/shells.nix file.

Using a local status-go repository

If you need to use a locally checked-out status-go repository as a dependency of status-react, you can achieve that by defining the STATUS_GO_SRC_OVERRIDE environment variable.

# Any command that you run from now on
# will use the specified status-go location
make release-android

or for a one-off build:

make release-android STATUS_GO_SRC_OVERRIDE=$GOPATH/src/

Known Issues

MacOS 10.15 “Catalina”

There is an unsolved issue with the root(/) file system in 10.15 being read-only:

Our current recommended workaround is putting /nix under /opt/nix and symlinking it via /etc/synthetic.conf:

sudo mkdir /opt/nix
sudo chown ${USER} /opt/nix
sudo sh -c "echo 'nix\t/opt/nix' >> /etc/synthetic.conf"

After the system reboots you should see the /nix symlink in place:

 % ls -l /nix
lrwxr-xr-x  1 root  wheel  8 Oct 11 13:53 /nix -> /opt/nix

In order to be able to use Nix with a symlinked /nix you need to include this in your shell:


Add it to your .bashrc or any other shell config file.

NOTE: Your old /nix directory will end up in /Users/Shared/Relocated Items/Security/nix after OS upgrade.