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Jakub Sokołowski aca703a011
major nix refactor
2 weeks ago
StatusIm [#9470] ignore dark mode on iOS 1 week ago
StatusIm.xcodeproj major nix refactor 3 days ago
StatusIm.xcworkspace Upgrade react-native to 0.60.5 3 months ago
StatusImTests Migrate to RN 0.59.2 8 months ago
fonts added Inter UI font and made some cleanup 1 year ago
nanopb.framework Push notifications: remove and disable Firebase analytics 2 years ago
scripts [Fix 8635] About showed "Version ()" instead of Version 0.14.0 (201908...) on Android 3 months ago
Podfile Migrate to RN 0.61.5 1 week ago
Podfile.lock major nix refactor 3 days ago
launch-image-universal.storyboard [#4662] Enable iPad support for the Status app. 1 year ago