132 Commits (develop)

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  yenda d4a396bedf
move networks out of multiaccount 1 month ago
  yenda d61fffb021
remove dev-server and extensions for v1 1 month ago
  bitsikka 39e095e1ed
[8069] feature - [Profile] My profile edit and share screens 1 month ago
  Jakub Sokołowski 2acd5b4cb0
rename prod-build to jsbundle so it means something 2 months ago
  Pedro Pombeiro a7fd659d84
nix: Wrap gradle, npm packages, `lein prod-build` and `gradle assembleRelease` in Nix expressions to improve reproducible builds with constant build paths 3 months ago
  Pedro Pombeiro c051efb508
Use forked com.taoensso/timbre for deterministic builds 3 months ago
  Roman Volosovskyi 7097de6e05
[perf] extensions module 3 months ago
  Roman Volosovskyi 908f730b1d
[perf] network module 3 months ago
  Roman Volosovskyi 3bd0947b4c
[perf] move goog.i18n deps to a module 3 months ago
  Roman Volosovskyi cdae3423bc
[perf] Minimize com.taoensso/timbre dependencies 3 months ago
  Pedro Pombeiro 1457f0f017
Some changes from the node2nix test branch that don't need to be there 3 months ago
  Roman Volosovskyi 632bbf3bc1
[perf] Move translation to node_modules in release build 3 months ago
  Roman Volosovskyi daacccb512
[Android, iOS] Advanced ClojureScript compilation 3 months ago
  yenda fa18f3b746
updating dev dependencies 5 months ago
  Julien Eluard 1bfa3cf178
Upgraded to latest pluto 6 months ago
  Julien Eluard 38570aa42f
Migrated to latest pluto release 7 months ago
  Julien Eluard dd9933cfec
Moved to new pluto release 8 months ago
  Julien Eluard 5db9aa9ac7
Reintroduced broken PR #7092 with fix 9 months ago
  Igor Mandrigin 794313dbee
Revert "[Fixes #7052 and #7037] Improved extensions ethereum support" 9 months ago
  Julien Eluard 6a8c9bf14f
[Fixes #7052 and #7037] Improved extensions ethereum support 9 months ago
  Andrey Shovkoplyas 582c2960ec
[#6644] Chat command recipients should be able to install an extension 9 months ago
  Andrey Shovkoplyas 028ab522b9
[#6867] Add on-send-sync to chat.command extension 10 months ago
  Julien Eluard a20f3ec546
[Fixes #6800] Introduce picker componenet (and expose activity-loading, 10 months ago
  Julien Eluard 529eabb1f4
[Fixes #6739] Introduced wallet.settings hook 10 months ago
  yenda b41df3b3c2
updating cljs compiler 10 months ago
  Julien Eluard ca7b4f1b74
Moved to fixed pluto version 10 months ago
  Julien Eluard 009d974d83
Improved extensions error handling. Various fixes. 10 months ago
  Julien Eluard c857eb5357
Added disclaimer for extensions 11 months ago
  Julien Eluard 00ed5bc883
Moved to newer pluto 1 year ago
  yenda c2f8965f02
update piggieback 11 months ago
  Roman Volosovskyi 6438a1387b
[#4866] intagrate react-navigation 1 year ago
  Eric Dvorsak ccbc0baffb
update developer dependencies 1 year ago
  Andrey Shovkoplyas c96bc5aa8b
[#4772] Resolve ENS domains in browser 1 year ago
  Julien Eluard ae976e205f
Added extensions loading panel 1 year ago
  Volodymyr Kozieiev 457f2a157a
Desktop branch merged into develop (#5266) 1 year ago
  Andrea Maria Piana e564de6bd0
Update docker build to latest sdk 1 year ago
  Goran Jovic 1f4f913ac6
adds a filter to pre-commit hook to prevent analysis of deleted files 1 year ago
  Roman Volosovskyi 08ae404980
check formatting only in changed files in pre-commit hook 1 year ago
  Eric Dvorsak 50072ffe3f
[fix 4177] handle discovery signals 1 year ago
  Roman Volosovskyi 8f1c9521ba
add cljfmt to project; 1 year ago
  Eric Dvorsak f8e535f9bc
[fix 3843] query mailserver when going back online 1 year ago
  Eric Dvorsak ac2d622127
fix deps.edn and project.clj version diff 1 year ago
  Stepan Lusnikov 441a3858d9
Use :npm-deps false 1 year ago
  Andrey Shovkoplyas f60025b879 added mixpanel events for 1 year ago
  Dmitry Novotochinov 811e73d34b
Integrate re-frame-10x for tracing/debugging 1 year ago
  Andrea Maria Piana f8e73f8538
Add docker integration tests 1 year ago
  Andrey Shovkoplyas 079d442e8b
re-frisk improvements 1 year ago
  Andrey Shovkoplyas a1d55f30bb
introduced desktop 1 year ago
  Dmitry Novotochinov ed7176d65c
Add :elide-asserts compiler option for release builds 1 year ago
  Dmitry Novotochinov ac9b5cd976
Use re-frame fork with js/setTimeout as next-tick 1 year ago