4987 Commits (develop)

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  Andrey Shovkoplyas cbe17cbe02
[#8940] Redesign Back, swipe-to-the-left and hardware device Back buttons to align the behavior 4 days ago
  Churikova Tetiana 8fc823f94b
e2e about switching accounts in DApp 1 day ago
  Andrey Shovkoplyas 1c51731aea
[#8446] [Multi-Account] Build account settings for individual wallet 1 week ago
  Jakub Sokołowski 647bde7c6b
fix type of shell used for s3cmd uploads 1 day ago
  Vitaliy Vlasov f28fd8fc9c
customize TMPDIR and clean it 1 week ago
  Jakub Sokołowski b8d3ef3aa5
combined node package upgrade prs 1 week ago
  Pedro Pombeiro d317d8a6c7
Filter for security updates only in Dependabot 5 days ago
  Jakub Sokołowski afc2412514
desktop builds need GnuPG 3 days ago
  yenda 7b6dfad702
[fix 8853] fix change of whisper id in ens registration 1 month ago
  Churikova Tetiana 1f24722db0
resolve ENS in wallet 3 days ago
  yenda 500d2cc787
fix navigation reset 5 days ago
  Andrea Maria Piana 1314c6e7d7
Disable spinner when generating multiaccount 3 days ago
  Jakub Sokołowski 95e48a4159
add info about MacOS Catalina workaround 4 days ago
  Pedro Pombeiro 8e90103e96
nix: Upgrade expected Xcode version to 11.1 1 week ago
  Andrey Shovkoplyas da4d95d85c
drop les 5 days ago
  acolytec3 2ddfcd4f88
Point network to correct current-network 5 days ago
  Churikova Tetiana e88472a0e0
fix some testrail links and add new test for checking log_level and fleet 4 days ago
  Churikova Tetiana 114b4da2d9
fix deleteing dapps 5 days ago
  Serhy c872c5c487
Enable high priority tests in PRs 1 week ago
  Andrey Shovkoplyas 09be82272a
[#8662] No chats on 'Chats' view if to clear entered search term in 'Search' chat input 1 week ago
  Andrey Shovkoplyas df098f82f6
[#8977] [Multi-account] Allow user to choose wallet for DApp transactions 2 weeks ago
  Vitaliy Vlasov 5fd269fde8
Onboarding UI fixes 1 month ago
  Pedro Pombeiro e509e8fcb0
Add dependabot config file 1 week ago
  Andrey Shovkoplyas 6b1c30b44c
[#8997] Error 'Hzb.checkViodeoAuthorizationStatus in not a function' at attempt to scan QR on IOS 1 week ago
  Churikova Tetiana 2d1fff479a
Fix stickers \ collectibles 1 week ago
  tbenr ee5040c391
fixes #8657 2 weeks ago
  Serhy 5a02ecf2b4
Test seedphrase not active after backup 1 week ago
  Churikova Tetiana d063d94d31
fix for 2 high e2e 1 week ago
  Rachel Hamlin 0d8d0af3c7
Fixing random capitalization 1 week ago
  Vitaliy Vlasov 227127f153
Add preserve-input flag to text-input 2 weeks ago
  Andrey Shovkoplyas d2ff665d6e
[#9107] Collectibles (except CryptoKitties) are not loaded (endless spinner) after relogin 1 week ago
  Andrey Shovkoplyas ca41fefbf7
[#9138] Missing translation in "Need help" section ("Ask a question") 1 week ago
  Andrey Shovkoplyas 92f230ee13
[#9139] Can not purchase sticker pack (too low no sign with password button) 1 week ago
  Marcus R. Brown 22de1f7490
Fix sticker pack installation buttons 1 month ago
  Churikova Tetiana e30a547039
Return boolean 1 week ago
  Andrey Shovkoplyas 284f9bffed
[#8937] Recent stickers are shown when stickers tab is highlighted 2 weeks ago
  Dmitry Novotochinov 7a642c76de
[#8989] hide keycard settings for regular accounts 3 weeks ago
  Dmitry Novotochinov c1c195adbe
[#9025] fix keycard pairings persistence 3 weeks ago
  hesterbruikman 696df8ea2e
Copy update multiaccount 2 weeks ago
  acolytec3 5ce678eb62
Suppress back-up-seed prompt when already done 2 weeks ago
  Adam Babik df874966ba
upgrade status-go with geth 1.9.5 3 weeks ago
  Pedro Pombeiro fcfc7f346e
Fix RNGestureHandler version in Podfile.lock 2 weeks ago
  Serhy 58c64608d0
Test to check cryptokitty in wallet collectibles 2 weeks ago
  acolytec3 72867473d0
Add currency conversions for signing sheet 3 weeks ago
  Churikova Tetiana 4eac209b9b
4 e2e fix 2 weeks ago
  Andrea Maria Piana ba34af0dd4
[Fixes #9088] Store eip1581 path and wallet root path, don't store 2 weeks ago
  Andrey Shovkoplyas b3d04bb68c
[#8966] biometric 1 month ago
  Churikova Tetiana da4fb01700
mobile_data_tests 2 weeks ago
  Pedro Pombeiro e8627f0320
Allow Node.js packages to be upgraded by dependabot 2 weeks ago
  dependabot-preview[bot] d753f0d9b1
Bump react-native-gesture-handler in /desktop/js_filesBumps [react-native-gesture-handler](https://github.com/kmagiera/react-native-gesture-handler) from 1.3.0 to 1.4.1.- [Release notes](https://github.com/kmagiera/react-native-gesture-handler/releases)- [Commits](https://github.com/kmagiera/react-native-gesture-handler/compare/1.3.0...1.4.1)Signed-off-by: dependabot-preview[bot] <support@dependabot.com> 2 weeks ago