4738 Commits (develop)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Andrey Shovkoplyas 11ed6f481f
[#8762] Dapp can't derive a wallet balance, "Not enough ETH for gas" at attempt to send transaction in any DApp 2 days ago
  Dmitry Novotochinov c2f646b8bd
fix NFC detection 5 days ago
  Jakub Sokołowski c2e17698eb
don't allow overrides of TARGET_OS for startdev targets 3 days ago
  yevh-berdnyk 9a0bb7d137
Updated tests 5441, 5453, created 6221 5 days ago
  Dmitry Novotochinov 9c0498bc68
Update .env.nightly 3 days ago
  Pedro Pombeiro bdc0ba2680
nix: Reset node_modules when Yarn deps change 3 days ago
  Pedro Pombeiro 44bc306823
Update react-native-fs to RN >= 0.57 compatible version 1 week ago
  Pedro Pombeiro 607c83c88b
Remove unused `react-native-invertible-scroll-view` package 1 week ago
  Pedro Pombeiro 91e9545c89
Remove react-native-os from mobile_files/package.json.orig 1 week ago
  Pedro Pombeiro 2cccfa998d
Fix devDependencies in package.json 1 week ago
  Pedro Pombeiro 492f2df547
Move version definitions to gradle.properties 1 week ago
  Pedro Pombeiro ff721ba1bf
nix: Some minor fixes 4 days ago
  Dmitry Novotochinov b635691c25
recovery flow v1 2 weeks ago
  Andrey Shovkoplyas ba112a765b
[#8666] Add account via BIP 44 6 days ago
  yevh-berdnyk fde55b80d0
Added test for searching not used translation strings 1 week ago
  Jinho Jang cb90c1b715
Merge pull request #8732 from status-im/update-translations 5 days ago
  Andrea Maria Piana 370bc207bc
Add datasync confirmations, enable device-to-device by default 1 week ago
  Churikova Tetiana 6eb46c8fac
update the Russian, Korean and Chinese translatins 1 week ago
  Andrey Shovkoplyas e4c0bcfc3d
disable coverage 5 days ago
  Churikova Tetiana fc999c2462
Check version format 1 week ago
  Jakub Sokołowski a79544d043
forgot to disable desktop stuff in other steps 1 week ago
  Jakub Sokołowski c49e4933ee
disable desktop builds for now 1 week ago
  Dmitry Novotochinov 2c5e985cb3
fix korean translations 1 week ago
  jinho jang 94373993cf
update French, Japanese, and Korean translations with the latest version 2 weeks ago
  hesterbruikman 0f57015b9e
Update copy 'About names' 1 week ago
  Andrea Maria Piana fe9d4e9cd8
Move contacts to status-go 2 weeks ago
  Churikova Tetiana 68da6159ed
skipped some steps in e2e due to deleteing commands 1 week ago
  yevh-berdnyk df66f9ddbe
Added new tests 2 weeks ago
  Churikova Tetiana c8a4c2ac21
restore 7 accounts 1 week ago
  Andrea Maria Piana 6fa482a776
Move chats to status-go 2 weeks ago
  snyk-test f464269263
fix: fastlane/Gemfile & fastlane/Gemfile.lock to reduce vulnerabilities 4 weeks ago
  Pedro Pombeiro 97c0a766d4 Probot: Change to 1 PR reviewer required (#8699) 1 week ago
  Dmitry Novotochinov 60de46b6c2
keycard login v1 1 month ago
  Churikova Tetiana 5b08d129d4
skipped e2e due to missing commands in chat 2 weeks ago
  Churikova Tetiana 7f05c09632
ens e2e 2 weeks ago
  Pedro Pombeiro f633e168ad
nix: Upgrade to latest gomobile 2 weeks ago
  Pedro Pombeiro f691304b9d
Fix minor issues and typos in Android build process 2 weeks ago
  Andrea Maria Piana 79f2eed181
update status-go 2 weeks ago
  Churikova Tetiana 90ec7768e6
disable 1 more e2e due to disable send to contacts from wallet 2 weeks ago
  Churikova Tetiana ca97cb53fe
skipped e2e for commands 2 weeks ago
  Andrey Shovkoplyas 6d337bc69a
multiaccounts 4 weeks ago
  Andrea Maria Piana 1e655540da
Fix loading of filters 2 weeks ago
  Jakub Sokołowski 7517f5235a
use nix shell for nix-update-* targets 3 weeks ago
  Andrey Shovkoplyas 447d37e5ca
[#8673] Temporay hide commands from chat and extensions 2 weeks ago
  Andrea Maria Piana 27b77a6dc9
Add datasync,v1messages & disable discovery topic 3 weeks ago
  Jakub Sokołowski 0b1659fab9
nix: use sha1 for status-go output filenameThis fixes issue with branch names containing slashes.Signed-off-by: Jakub Sokołowski <jakub@status.im> 2 weeks ago
  yevh-berdnyk 6091517110
E2E tests false failures fixes 2 weeks ago
  Pedro Pombeiro 9594552102
nix: Apply some nixfmt suggestions and fix macOS status-go buildInputs 2 weeks ago
  Pedro Pombeiro 4ab64d6c40
nix: Fix go-mobile temp folder location in iOS 2 weeks ago
  yevh-berdnyk ce84f81741
Re-enabled and updated e2e tests 2 weeks ago