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Tahoe-LAFS is a Free and Open decentralized cloud storage system. It
distributes your data across multiple servers. Even if some of the servers
fail or are taken over by an attacker, the entire file store continues to
function correctly, preserving your privacy and security.

For full documentation, please see .

|readthedocs| |travis| |circleci| |codecov|


There are three ways to install Tahoe-LAFS.

using OS packages

Pre-packaged versions are available for several operating systems:

* Debian and Ubuntu users can ``apt-get install tahoe-lafs``
* NixOS, NetBSD (pkgsrc), ArchLinux, Slackware, and Gentoo have packages
available, see `OSPackages`_ for details
* `Mac`_ and Windows installers are in development.

via pip

If you don't use an OS package, you'll need Python 2.7 and `pip`_. You may
also need a C compiler, and the development headers for python, libffi, and
OpenSSL. On a Debian-like system, use ``apt-get install build-essential
python-dev libffi-dev libssl-dev python-virtualenv``. On Windows, see

Then, to install the most recent release, just run:

* ``pip install tahoe-lafs``

from source
To install from source (either so you can hack on it, or just to run
pre-release code), you should create a virtualenv and install into that:

* ``git clone``
* ``cd tahoe-lafs``
* ``virtualenv --python=python2.7 venv``
* ``venv/bin/pip install --upgrade setuptools``
* ``venv/bin/pip install --editable .``
* ``venv/bin/tahoe --version``

To run the unit test suite:

* ``tox``

You can pass arguments to ``trial`` with an environment variable. For
example, you can run the test suite on multiple cores to speed it up:

* ``TAHOE_LAFS_TRIAL_ARGS="-j4" tox``

For more detailed instructions, read `<docs/INSTALL.rst>`_ .

Once ``tahoe --version`` works, see `<docs/running.rst>`_ to learn how to set
up your first Tahoe-LAFS node.


Copyright 2006-2018 The Tahoe-LAFS Software Foundation

You may use this package under the GNU General Public License, version 2 or,
at your option, any later version. You may use this package under the
Transitive Grace Period Public Licence, version 1.0, or at your option, any
later version. (You may choose to use this package under the terms of either
licence, at your option.) See the file `COPYING.GPL`_ for the terms of the
GNU General Public License, version 2. See the file `COPYING.TGPPL`_ for
the terms of the Transitive Grace Period Public Licence, version 1.0.

See `TGPPL.PDF`_ for why the TGPPL exists, graphically illustrated on three

.. _OSPackages:
.. _Mac: docs/OS-X.rst
.. _pip:


.. |readthedocs| image::
:alt: documentation status

.. |travis| image::
:alt: build status

.. |circleci| image::

.. |codecov| image::
:alt: test coverage percentage