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dlg 722c6347dc bulk up the debug output around selection logic 7 hours ago
bin Explain in which circumstances trailing slashes can be omitted after 2 days ago
distrib sync 10 hours ago
etc regen 22 hours ago
games When system calls indicate an error they return -1, not some arbitrary 2 weeks ago
gnu Install OpenBSD::Unveil.3p manpage 3 days ago
include add /usr/local/sbin. ok deraadt millert 1 week ago
lib Unlike gas, clang's assembler complains about duplicate symbol assignments. 4 days ago
libexec's $ORIGIN handling when argv[0] is a relative path was broken by 4 days ago
regress Update 1 day ago
sbin Shuffle code a bit to make take_charge() return the 2 days ago
share explain escaping of end-of-sentence characters; 2 days ago
sys bulk up the debug output around selection logic 7 hours ago
usr.bin Add some more basic interpreter functionality to mg. Needs a lot more work, including a proper parser. 7 hours ago
usr.sbin backout previous commits for now; some of this is shared with dpb and results in problems. hints from pvk@ about what introduced the breakage we were seeing, who confirms that this backout fixes things; comitting early to unbreak package builds. 18 hours ago
Makefile bye bye depends 2 years ago
Makefile.cross Fix malformed conditional after socppc removal. 1 month ago