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Hello there 👋

If you’ve found your way here, that means you’re serious about your security and privacy! ~ or maybe just want to copy paste some code. Either way, you’re welcome awesome human.

Thanks for checking out Cryptee’s source code. First, let’s get a few things out of the way.


Security & Issues

If you find any life threatening / critical security issues, please reach out to us using info @ crypt [dot] ee. You can also find our pgp public key on the website.

Otherwise, feel free to throw in your bug reports and issues here on github! The issues section is meme & emoji friendly. Please use fun GIFs. It’ll cheer everyone up. This doesn’t mean Cryptee isn’t a serious product, it just means you can relax, smile and take things easy. We’re all humans.




Thoughts on frameworks

99% chance, there’s some of you out there, who will look at this source code and think “WTF JQUERY!? CODEKIT!?” or “Y U NO ANGULAR!? WHY NOT GRUNT!?”. That’s okay. Take a deep breath, calm down.

When you are a solo-dev / entrepreneur, living frugal to launch your startup as quickly as possible, your livelihood depends on how quickly you can ship code, and are building a product that will hopefully be used by many others to gain some level of security / privacy online, one thing becomes clear:

You don’t want to depend on ever-changing massive frameworks, backwards compatibility issues, or fucking creepy licenses.

So yeah Cryptee uses JQuery and Codekit.

(Did you feel that? All of Silicon Valley just shuddered in disgust.)