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Brave Browser


This repository holds the build tools needed to build the Brave desktop browser for macOS, Windows, and Linux. In particular, it fetches and syncs code from the projects we define in package.json and src/brave/DEPS:

  • Chromium
    • Fetches code via depot_tools.
    • sets the branch for Chromium (ex: 65.0.3325.181).
  • brave-core
    • Mounted at src/brave.
    • Maintains patches for 3rd party Chromium code.
  • ad-block
    • Mounted at src/brave/vendor/ad-block.
    • Implements Brave’s ad-block engine.
  • tracking-protection
    • Mounted at src/brave/vendor/tracking-protection.
    • Implements Brave’s tracking-protection engine.

Build instructions

See the Brave Wiki.


You can visit our website to get the latest stable release.

Other repositories

For other versions of our browser, please see:


Join the Q&A community if you’d like to get more involved with Brave. You can ask for help, discuss features you’d like to see, and a lot more. We’d love to have your help so that we can continue improving Brave.

Help us translate Brave to your language by submitting translations at

Follow @brave on Twitter for important news and announcements.