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Bitwarden Browser Extension

The Bitwarden browser extension is written using the Web Extension API and Angular.



  • Node.js v8.11 or greater
  • Gulp (npm install --global gulp-cli)
  • Chrome (preferred), Opera, or Firefox browser

Run the app

npm install
npm run build:watch

You can now load the extension into your browser through the browser’s extension tools page:

  • Chrome/Opera:
    1. Type chrome://extensions in your address bar to bring up the extensions page.
    2. Enable developer mode (checkbox)
    3. Click the “Load unpacked extension” button, navigate to the build folder of your local extension instance, and click “Ok”.
  • Firefox
    1. Type about:debugging in your address bar to bring up the add-ons page.
    2. Click the Load Temporary Add-on button, navigate to the build/manifest.json file, and “Open”.


Code contributions are welcome! Please commit any pull requests against the master branch. Learn more about how to contribute by reading the file.

Security audits and feedback are welcome. Please open an issue or email us privately if the report is sensitive in nature. You can read our security policy in the file.